Privacy statement

Biljartteller, located at Kalimantanstraat 27c, 7512 HL Enschede Enschede, is responsible for the processing of personal data as described by this privacy statement.

Contact information:
Scorekeeper or Biljartteller
Kalimantanstraat 27c
7512 HL Enschede
+31 (0)53 7440403
KvK-nummer: 08179246
btw-nummer: NL001945500B43
F.W. Dillema is de Chief Data Protection Officer of Scorekeeper. He can be reached at

Personal data that we process
Scorekeeper processes your personal data when you make use of our services or when you submit them to us. We may proces the following data about you:

  • Firstname and lastname
  • Address
  • E-mailadres
  • Model and type of your computing device

Special or sensitive personal data that we proces
Our websites and services have no intention to collect data about users below the age of 16 year unless they have permission by their parents or legal guardians. We can, however, not check whether a user is not yet 16 years old. If you believe that we possess personal data about a minor without explicit parental consent, then please contact us at and we will delete this data from our systems.

Why and for what purpose we process your personal data
Scorekeeper processes your personal data solely for the following purposes:

  • Processing the payment of your order
  • To inform you of changes and updates in our products and services
  • To enable you to have a customer account with us
  • To ship and deliver products and services to you

Automated decision making
Scorekeeper does not make non-trivial decisions based on automated processing of personal data that can have negative consequences for individuals. We mean by this decisions taken by computer programs or systems that are taken without human intervention (by a Scorekeeper employee e.g.).

How long we keep your personal data
Scorekeeper does not store your personal data longer than necessary for the purpose they were collected. We keep your name and address data for at most a year after your last visit to one of your websites. The exception to this rule is when you register with us as owner of a device that you obtained from us. In that case, we keep your personal data for two years or untill you remove your registration with us. You may periodically renew your registration so that we will keep your data for another two years.

Sharing your personal data with third parties
Scorekeeper will only supply your personal data to third parties if such is necessary for executing your order or subscription or when this is required by law.

Cookies and similar techniques that we use
Scorekeeper uses only technical and functional cookies, and analytical cookies that do not invade your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website for the first time. The cookies that we use are necessary for technical reasons and for your convenience when visiting and using our website. We use cookies, for example, to remember your preferences and to optimize our website. Cookies can be removed by changing adjusting the settings of your internet browser so that it will no longer store our cookies. It is also possible to tell your browser to remove cookies from us that your browser already stored.

Customer data
If you buy a physical product from us than we store your customer data. We do not store your customer data if you only buy an app or make a donation. We do not keep your payment data such as your creditcardnumber, but only store the data that we need in order to identify as buyer and owner of the product you bought. In addition, you can be registered with us as owner of a device you bought. This can be useful for support and maintenance reasons like being able to update or extend your product in the future. If you are registered as owner of a device, we store and keep the unique ID of the device with your customer data (like name, address, email address or telephone number). Ownership registration comes with benefits but is not required.

Scorekeeper is legally obliged to keep an archive of its accounting and administrative reconrds. These records include customer data (e.g. on invoices). Scorekeeper must be able to submit such records to the Dutch tax authorities when requested. The legal term for keeping such records is seven years.

User data of our free apps
You can download and install free (versions of our) apps on your devices. These apps are free because their intended purpose is to control and configure the physical products that we sell. We offer these apps for free because they are useful also when you are not the owner of one of our physical products, and because the apps may tempt you to become the owner of our physical products. We do not earn our money with targeted advertisements based on your personal data. Our free apps contain only advertisements for our own physical products, our non-free apps, or requests for a volantary donations. For these advertisements, we do not (need to) collect or store any data about you. We may release free apps in the future with different policy, but we will not change this rule for apps you already use.

User data of our physical products
When you use our apps to control our physical products, scoreboards and similar devices, then the app will send data from your phone or tablet to this device. Data such as game scores and player names that you enter. Your app will also be identifiable by its unique ID such that our devices can discriminate between different users (so that it will be able to give you access to your data later on).

Such data will be stored on the device for a long time and may not be removed untill the device runs out of storage space or untill the owner of the device tells it to remove data.
This data is primarily stored on the device so that you yourself can retrieve it. We, the producer of these devices, does not collect or process such data in any way. The owner of the device has the ability to retrieve such data for further processing. For example, the owner may retrieve such data in order to create overviews and statistics. If so, the owner of the device will have to describe in their privacy statement how and for what purpose they process this data.

Our devices do not store all data they receive from our apps. In some cases, it is possible to send photo’s of users (players) to our devices for temporary display purposes. Such photo’s will not be kept on the device for long: they will be removed from the device after their use. The owner of the device will thus not be able to retrieve such data from the device for further use and processing.

Retrieving, changing or removing your personal data
You have the right to request the personal data that we store about you, to request that we correct such data or remove it alltogether. You can do so using your personal settings in your account. You also have the right to revoke any permission you may have given us to process your data and to object to the processing of your data. In addition, you have data transfer rights. This means that you can ask us to put your personal data in a computer file and send it to another organization of your choice.

If you want to make use if these rights, or if you have a question about our privacy statement, please be so kind to send your request to Please include a copy of a legal proof of your identity with your request, so that we can be sure that the correct person is making the request. You may obfuscate your passphoto, passportnumber, the machine readable zone and social-security or citizens number in this copy in order to protect your privacy. Scorekeeper will respond to your request as quickly as possible, but never later than four weeks.

Finally, we want to point out that a complaint can be filed with the Dutch Data Protection Authority: “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”. They can be contacted through this link:

How we protect and secure your personal data
Scorekeeper takes the protection of your personal data seriously and takes suitable measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unintended publication and unjustified modification. If you have reasons to believe that your personal data is not properly protected or if you suspect misuse, please contact our customer service at